RAYS Volk Racing TE37 RT Black Edition 18 × 10.5-inch +15 wheels and 275 / 35R18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. As for the suspension and chassis, using a 311 RS-spec JRZ RS Pro shock absorbers, vehicle safety bar set Cusco, Cusco after the top bar, it is used to improve the braking performance brake Girodisc 311RS program. 311 RS-spec brake pads and stainless steel wire. In order to achieve 500 horsepower, this car is equipped with a lot of reliable modification parts. Including: different programs AMS turbo upgrade kit, AMS intercooler and pipes, titanium exhaust, 1000cc injectors and COBB Accessport different tracks and for street or racing fuel provided. Because Spec Blew beginning of the design is to make it on the street and be able to track the performance of the same, so the drivetrain and chassis to give the same attention. Powertrain upgrades include Carbonetic twin-plate clutch and the rear Cusco 1.5-way LSD limited slip differential. Spec Blew also has an unusual interior design includes Alcantara covered instrument panels, door panels, transmission units, and handrails. Of course, there is a unique identifier 311RS. While EVO production coming to an end, but Ryan began to plan the repair or reconstruction of these discontinued car, so that these cars can be longer on the road Mercedes-Benz. Of course, not only the EVO, he can consider other models, this will be his company in a new direction.